Stephens First Deer 10-30-10

Deer Hunting

We called in this nice 5 pointer openning day. The rack is deformed on the left side. It has one tine growing across the skull with two short points going up.
The most rewarding hunt I've ever been on. We worked our way guietly down wind of a bedding area stopping to call as we went. We had got in about 100 yards and were sitting on a blowdown. I was using a True Talker I think Hunter Specialties makes them, doing a doe bleat. About 40 yards right in front of us I see this guy. Stephen hadn't picked him out yet. He was broadside behind some trees and looking right at us, my heart was racing. I gave another bleat and he stepped out from the trees, still broadside. At this point Stephen saw him and had a clear shot. He took his time, made a well placed shot with his 243 Rossi. I see the deer react to the bullet and was confident it would be fatel. We gave him about 10 minutes then checked for blood. I couldn't find any blood or hair but was sure it was a good shot. Checking in the direction he went we found him not 40 yards away. Certainly a special experience.

Odd Rack

Unusual rack, may actually qualify for a six pointer.