Wildlife Management District (WMD) Map

Select a district from the map below to find registered maine guides, outfitters, lodges, taxidermists, camps, gun shops and other hunting services in that district.

Map provided courtesy of MIFW.

WMD Map WMD_1 WMD_2 WMD_3 WMD_4 WMD_5 WMD_6 WMD_10 WMD_11 WMD_9 WMD_8 WMD_7 WMD_13 WMD_14 WMD_17 WMD_18 WMD_19 WMD_12 WMD_16 WMD_23 WMD_26 WMD_28 WMD_27 WMD_29 WMD_25 WMD_24 WMD_22 WMD_21 WMD_15 WMD_20